The practice now has the ability to send electronic correspondence via both HEALTHLINK and ARGUS (Footscray Rooms only).

The preferred method is Healthlink. It is free to set up and integrates with almost all practice management systems. In addition, at the current time, GPs are able to set up and send electronic referrals without charge (ie. both send and recieve are free).

Please visit the Healthlink website for more details and to subscribe. Information on how to set up electronic referrals can be found here for existing Healthlink Medical Director (MD3) users.

Argus can also be used. Free installation of Argus is no longer available to new users but it is available for a modest annual fee. This includes both send and recieve capabilities. Please visit the Argus website for more details.

Our Healthlink EDI is: nwhaemat
Our Argus email address is: argus@melbournehaematology.com.au